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Baoxi (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd ("Baoxi Technology") is a leading enterprise in the domestic graphene industry subordinate to Baotailong New Materials Co., Ltd ("Baotailong") (stock code: 601011). It is a cutting-edge technology company integrating the R&D, production and sales of grapheme-related downstream products. The company has a large-scale graphene application and production base in Qitaihe New Materials Industrial Park, Heilongjiang Province. It owns the latest fourth-generation (version 4.0) of graphene electric heating films with an annual output of 10 million sheets, an intelligent full-automatic production line for graphene electric heating films, a 500-ton intelligent full-automatic proportioning system water-based graphene conductive ink production line, and a 500-ton intelligent fully-enclosed graphene water-based heat distribution coating production line.

Relying on the complete industrial chain of new energy and new materials of Baoxilong, great advantages in graphene production and R&D, as well as rich experience in practicing technology, Baoxi Technology guarantees high-quality materials for graphene application products. Since its inception, Baoxi Technology has been committed to developing products in fields of electric and thermal conduction, function enhancement, water-based coating, energy conservation and environmental protection associated with graphene, and researching on the modification of graphene materials on related products.

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If you want to partner with us, find us here:
  • F4, No.3, Kaiyangli II Street, Fengtai District, Beijing

  • 400-100-3936


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